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Important Reasons to Choose
PrestaShop for Your eCommerce Website

If you are looking to develop an eCommerce website using PrestaShop then choosing a
reliable PrestaShop development company can make all the difference when it
comes to your site’s success. talk to us today!

prestashop development company

01 Feb 2023

PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform. There are some costs associated with the hosting when you download the software, so it's not completely free. In addition to Google Checkout and Payments Pro, it supports PayPal, PayPal Express, and many others.

You can wonder why you should choose PrestaShop! Prestashop has proven to be the most reliable source for eCommerce businesses for many businesses. Prestashop is the very first freemium open-source eCommerce platform.

The cost of this option can be higher if you're not careful.

In addition, you may have to purchase several modules to integrate with your eCommerce site. You might consider asking a developer for help if you have limited technical knowledge. The PrestaShop platform supports theme and template embedding, which allows you to create shopping cart sites with customizable themes and templates.

A Platform With Multiple Facets

It will not be an exaggeration to make the statement that Prestashop is an all-in-one solution for your eCommerce website development needs. Prestashop promises effective performance coming from its modern features. Provide your customers with a user-friendly interface so they can benefit from these features. Provide your customers with a user-friendly interface so they can benefit from these features. Using Prestashop, you can manage a multi-product site with unlimited categories effortlessly.

Products and Inventory

PrestaShop is a great tool for selling products, both physical and digital. With it, you can list your items in categories, with features and different values and variants if needed. It also has an inventory tracking system to keep track of how much stock you have of each item. Plus, you can create suppliers and manufacturers to assign them to their respective products.

Private Sales Modules

Private sales modules allow you to undertake unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences where you get access to exclusive offers. These inbound engagements are carefully planned with the store's sales goals in mind.

You could also offer a 'private store' module to your potential customers as a limited-stock offers. Prestashop provides a variety of extensions for hosting product registrations, which can help you to conquer new markets and increase your website traffic.

Demographic Community Support

PrestaShop is a universal online store solution that supports 65 languages and lets you accept the currencies of over 150 countries. It doesn't matter what country your customers are in - PrestaShop fits the bill. PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform that has a large community of developers, designers, and users. These contributors exist to offer excellent support for this platform.

It is Open-Source CMS

The open-source PrestaShop project is well known for its free, easy-to-use marketplace CMS. Not only are you able to build an entire eCommerce store on your own, but the big brands out there are also making use of the CMS for their digital marketing campaign.

Customer Support

PrestaShop offers customer support resources on its website including documentation, webinars, videos, tutorials, and a community forum. Unlike many open-source platforms, however, they also give you the option to purchase a customer support plan, which gives you access to personalized technical help for your store. Moreover, PrestaShop offers training courses with their experts to teach merchants, developers, or digital professionals the ins and outs of their software.

It is SEO-Friendly

In today's business world, SEO-friendliness is invaluable. PrestaShop lets you do this right out of the box without hassle or using third-party plugins that are not native to OpenCart. The reasons for this can vary, but all you need to know are those reasons why websites get the priority to be at the top pages in SEPR. PrestaSian's Free SmartBlog module for PrestaShop is a great tool for bloggers. You just need to build new blog articles and it will help your SEO!


The PrestaShop checkout is one-page and allows for the customization of the process, offering summary pages, account creation pages, order validation pages, and confirmation pages for the customer.

Easy to create and customize

You can simply get a professional PrestaShop Development Company to help you set up your online store. A custom-built, cheap store will have little time & effort required for its setup.

Server-efficient Platform!

PrestaShop can be used for building eCommerce sites that have high demands on web server resources to run efficiently on the platform. Here you need to invest in expensive servers with PrestaShop because it has an in-built page of indexing feature that ultimately helps your eCommerce site to perform faster and better.

Modules and Themes

PrestaShop Modules and Themes are the perfect tools for creating an online store. PrestaShop Modules are a great way to add additional features to your store, such as payment gateways, shipping options, and more. With PrestaShop Themes, you can customize the look and feel of your store to reflect your brand. Themes are also a great way to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for customers.

The Platform is Constantly improving!

Generally, PrestaShop keeps releasing new updates to help store owners get the most out of their online business. There are several interesting features that this software provides you with, including reporting responsibilities.

In addition to tracking your visitors, you can also view customer records, track orders, and sales, so that you can keep track of when you get the most sales by keeping track of your success. You will also be able to see tracking your customers when you receive the most sales by keeping track of your customer records.

For example, in Catalogue statistics, you can view statistics on how your content is performing, look at your best sellers, and see which catalogs are performing the best. Affiliate statistics allow you to determine who is sending the most traffic, so you can respond accordingly.


With PrestaShop, the platform itself is also very secure out of the box. If you choose a quality hosting provider, you should be more than safe. Plus, you also get access to a much broader collection of add-ons than you do with Shopify, plenty of which are security-related. That means you have more tools for protecting your store, which may help you rest easier at night.

International Selling

This platform provides capabilities specifically for businesses looking to sell internationally. PrestaShop gives you the ability to set currencies, use a multi-language product sheet, run multiple stores from one interface, and ensure that your checkout process is compliant with European laws.

PrestaShop is the perfect platform for selling products internationally. With a global community, you’ll be able to reach all corners of the world. The rapid expansion of the internet and mobile devices in BRICS and the emerging market has enabled eCommerce businesses to grow faster. Prestashop has played a vital role in our society. Sales of the shoppers doubled through this platform. What is better is that the consumers won’t have to enter the foreign zone to get the product they don’t get in their domestic market.


PrestaShop is a simple, powerful online store builder. From the above discussion, we have seen that PrestaShop is one of the best options for your eCommerce store as compared to other platforms in the market. There is no doubt because it is best recommended for SMEs. There are many more benefits and features PrestaShop development provides you apart from the above data. universe technologies is a leading PrestaShop Development Company. It offers a wide host of PrestaShop development services to build your eCommerce Store more scalable than ever.